Hello! Wake up! It’s Morning (and I’d Like to Eat Now).

Don’t you love it when your day starts with a BANG??

One of these two is a troublemaker.  The other is a snitch.  Care to guess which is which?Image



The children and I have settled into a lovely morning routine.  I wake up at six a.m., get in two blissfully quiet hours of writing, and then cruise back to bed around eight to doze, just as the husband is leaving for work.  At that point, the children are beginning to stir.  They’ll either quietly play for an hour, or (my personal favorite) they’ll crawl in bed with me for giggles and snuggles until hunger drives us all from the bedroom to the kitchen.

This morning was a “play quietly” kind of morning.  Well, it was until someone decided to climb on top of the refrigerator where a lovely tall green vase lived.  And yes, it still lived with an enormous dessicated Mother’s Day bouquet.  Don’t judge.  As far as I’m concerned, if my kids have clean skin, clean clothes, clean eating surfaces, and know that they’re loved, I’m calling myself a good mother.

So I am snoozing lightly, one ear trained to the great room where I can hear the faint sounds of “Wonder Pets” and my daughter’s voice singing along mingling with the background music of Minecraft.  And then suddenly there is an explosive crash, followed by the tinkling of glass and my children screaming.

Holy Adrenaline Spike, Batman!  I’m not even sure how I got to the kitchen — I think I may have teleported.  But there I stood, at shattered glass ground center.  Green glass in various jagged sizes and tiny bits of dried flower petals had exploded outwards from the kitchen, into the dining area and across the living area, coating the tiled floor and all three carpets in the room.

The children, clever darlings that they are, had frozen in place to protect their bare feet (My husband can claim the Polish blonde hair and pale skin.  Those clever little Puerto Rican brains are all me.  Ha!).  Zach looked around the room, shocked at the green glass devastation and said, “I have no idea what just happened….”  Vivi stood in the middle of the living room carpet and told me with a shrug, “I was dancin’!”

Freya, our Aussie shepherd mix,  sat up in the middle of it all, doing her best “Boy, do I have something to tell you, Mom!” impatient shuffle with her front paws.  Those little brown eyes were all but singing for my attention.  Luna the cat was cowering in a corner of the kitchen, tail curled around herself.  When my eyes fell upon her, she sat up and started cleaning her back foot as if she hadn’t a care in the world.  Yeah.  Right.

Freya was having none of that.  She huffed and waved a paw at me, then trotted into the kitchen and shoved her enormous black muppet nose under the cat’s belly and knocked Luna off her unconcerned cat butt.  And then, duty done, she continued on to the animal dishes waiting  at the end of the counter and flipped her bowl at me.

“Look, as long as your up dealing with the cat’s mess, could you fill this up, please?”

It’s a good thing they’re all so cute.  I’m pretty sure it’s nature’s way of keeping them all alive.

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